Saturday, December 20, 2008

Free Coupons at Walmart!

Keep your eyes peeled if you head out to Walmart. I found, well Malachi found this coupon sheet today at Walmart. It was right before you go into the second doors. Where they keep the carts. There was a huge pile. I limited myself to just a few, okay 7 but there was a huge pile! Hopefully you can find some too...

The most exciting coupon is .50 cents off any cottonelle! yay more free TP!


Sarah said...

Oh,man! I NEVER go to Wal-Mart! Dang!

Megan said...

Me either but we went in there for father-in-law gift so it worked good for me!!

Might want to run in!

Danielle said...

7 sounds reasonable...since there was "such a large pile" as you put it!!!


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