Monday, January 5, 2009

Menards 1-4

Here's a new feature that we're pretty excited about.

Did you know that Menards has Free after Rebate items? I guess I always knew that they did but I never thought of using it like I do Walgreens and CVS. Why??? I have no idea. At Christmas Sarah had a bunch of stuff in her "Free" stocking from rebates at Menards...

That got Shawn and I thinking... why aren't we taking advantage of all this FREE stuff. So we're starting this week. We will basically buy the free stuff, wait on the rebates and then use those to buy the next batch of free stuff!! We also are not sure how often they have free stuff...Weekly or Monthly???

The only catch we see is that you have to spend an additional $10. of non rebate items. Well for us having a floor business Shawn spends at least that anyway. But if he has an off week and doesn't need something then we will just get a gift card to use it at a later date.

I doubt there are many families with homes that couldn't spend $10./ week at Menards on things they buy anyway. Like light bulbs, softener salt, tools, or bigger items that you can save the gift cards and use all at once.

Anyway I just thought that I would pass this along. We haven't tried it yet but we will keep you informed as to how works as we find out!

In this weeks flyer we will get...
7 pc. Hex L Key set free after $2. rebate. limit 1
25' extension cord --free after $4. rebate. limit 2
32 oz. De-Icer-- free after $3. rebate limit 2
12 oz. gas treatment -- free after $1.50 rebate limit 2
Color Wonder paint and mega sheet set --$1.99 after $3. rebate. this isn't free but would make a great gift for some ones birthday. limit 2
We will have an initial $20. cost to get the first batch then we will just use that $20. on more rebate items and shouldn't pay out of pocket again. Sounds like a great deal to me!!
Thanks Sarah for the idea!!


Mom of three little Princesses said...

Shawn will now have to start a "Tool Pantry" and can take pics of all his great deals! Bill said he would like to have some of those things, so now he wants to do it to!!

Sarah said...

I don't think they have free stuff every week, but they have it every few weeks. I'm not sure if it is on a schedule or not.

Tool pantry.... hahahaha. Now THAT is something the hubby can get excited about! Forget about those free razors and Buddy Soaps... Tool pantry here we come!

Danielle said...

Justin thinks the "tool pantry" sounds great!!!
couple questions: How long does the current rebates deals last??

#2 Do they usually put all the FREE AFTER REBATE item together somewhere in the store, or do you have to find them all (scavenger hunt style)???

Megan said...

I figured all the guys would be all for the tool pantry!!

I am going on Friday so I will let you know where stuff is. I'm afraid that it will be a scavenger hunt!

The ad says prices good from
Jan.4-Jan.18. I assume that means the rebates too.


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