Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weekly Meals

Here's what we're eating next week...

Mon.-- Waffles with rasp. syrup (some of us will have regular syrup!)

Tues.--Hamburgers with brown gravy, potatoes, and cole slaw

Wed.-- Spaghetti with cheesy bread

Thurs. --Chic. dumplings with mashed potatoes --Sarahs recipe--(I'm finally trying it)

Friday--leftovers or out

Saturday-- pizza--maybe Pizza Hut with Book-its

Sunday -- Crock pot Beef roast with potatoes and veggies

This week I only have to buy potatoes. Everything else for all these meals I already have on hand. This way most all of my budget can just buy the things on sale that I have coupons for!

New goal... I'm going to attempt to make one NEW recipe each week. Now this is a lofty goal for me since I seem to get stuck in my ways. But I thought I'd at least try.

This week the new recipe is Chicken and dumplings. I linked to Sarahs recipe above!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Hamburgers with brown gravy... that sounds really good. Sounds easy too. And cole slaw, that is one thing I need to learn how to make.

Thanks for the link! I hope yyour dumplings turn out good for you! There is usually NOTHING left of ours... soon I will have to make a double batch!


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