Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekly Grocery Trip

It's hard to see it all but I think I got alot of groceries this week!
I had a little $ left over from last week since I haven't done any "real" shopping in 3 weeks!
So my total for Kroger and Meijer was $71.31. I thought that was a little higher than it should be and sure enough I was charged regular price for my hamburger instead of the Managers Special at Meijer. I didn't see it till I got home...
So I was overcharged by almost $5. grrrrrr.
Well I guess I will just roll with the punch and keep a better eye while ringing stuff up.
Even with that I was still in my budget!
My savings at Kroger was 54% and the total at Meijer saved was $48.45!
I'll be back next week with my normal budget of $55.
see you then!

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