Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kroger Deals Week of 2-10

Here's the few things I see at Kroger this week. Some of it is the same as last week as the Daytona Event continues...
Perdue Boneless Chicken--$1.87/lb. -$1/MQ
Eggs .99cents
Kroger cheese shreds or bars--$1.50
Hillshire deli meat 3/$5.
Tortilla chips--.88 cents
Milk--4/$5. Michigan --might be 4/$4. not sure about the Indiana central region
Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast--50% off --$1.78 - .40MQ (tripled)==.58 cents
Kroger tomato sauce --case sale--24/ $6. --.25 cents each (8oz.)
Daytona event--Price is with the .30 cents off --must buy items in multiples of 10....mix and match
*Manwich--.70 -.50/2= FREE
*Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks--$1.49 -.50/2= .75 cents each
*Ragu--$1.39 -.75/2= $1.01
Be sure to check here, here, and here to load coupons to your Kroger card.


Danielle said...

Doesn't look that great considering Meijer this week!!! I think I will just make a Meijer run and get the Glade thing from Walgreens for free and call it good till next week...

Still haven't gotten any rebates from Menards...hopefully they will start coming soon..at least before they start up the freebies again...I thought since the deal had to be sent by feb 15th (or something like that) the new deal should probably start up again..

Megan said...

I hope Menards starts again too. It feels like such a dry spell with 2 weeks off!

I got my first rebate check very quickly but haven't gotten any since. I'm assuming they were bombarded with rebate letters. Hopefully it will be very soon that they catch up!!


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