Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly Meals

We're so excited this week to be able to GRILL!!! Tuesday is supposed to be almost 60 degrees. Grilled food is very missed around here over the horrible cold winter!! I'm sure mother nature is just teasing us with this taste of Spring but We'll take it!!!!

Monday --Tacos

Tuesday--Italian marinated chicken on the GRILL!! roasted Italian potatoes and veggies

Wednesday--pancakes and smokey links

Thursday -- spaghetti with meatballs, garlic cheesy bread, and applesauce

Friday-- birthday party--$5. pizzas from Pizza Hut

Saturday--hmmm we ALWAYS have pizza on Saturday night, but since we're having that Friday night this week I'm out of routine! I guess we'll plan on leftovers!!Or Maybe we'll use a gift card and have something really YUMMY!!

Sunday-- Chili over baked potatoes with sour cream and cheese

We aren't having a new reciepe this week...But we really like these potatoes so I thought I'd share the recipe! It's really easy!!

Roasted Italian Potatoes
dice up potatoes into bite size pieces
toss with olive oil
then toss with italian seasoning.
Spread on cookie sheet & bake @ 375 degrees until soft and crispy
Have a great week!! To see more menus here!


Danielle said...

Okay so I know it's not ont he menu this week, but I found the Wacky Mac Q's (finally!). Since I haven't been in the habit of printables much I hadn't seen them before...anyhoo So where do you get them again??? Meijer or Kroger???
WOW!!!! 60's this week I hadn't heard yet!!! Bring it on!!!

Megan said...

wacky mac is at Kroger their regular price is $1.63 and the Q is for .50cents -- tripled makes the wacky mac .13 cents per bag!!

60's don't last long but at least they made an apperance in Feb.!!

Stephanie said...

The Italian potatoes look like they might be right up our alley! THanks for posting the recipe.


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