Thursday, February 12, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday

I know it's not Tuesday!! But...I'm thinking about starting a Practical Tip Tuesday Series... If I can figure out mister linky, I'm going to post it and then everyone can make a post on your blog and link from here...
I'm thinking your tips can be anything. Coupons, groceries, cooking, kids, gardening (I'm gonna need lots of tips as I'm starting my first this Spring!) , baby, spiritual, organizing, homeschooling, household, or whatever else you think up....keep it G rated if possible!!
So is anyone interested?? I feel like everyone has their ways of doing things. If we share them that may help make it easier for someone else! Let's face it, we can all use all the practical tips we can get to make our households run smoother. I know I could learn a TON from all of you. Even if there's only 30-50 people who read this!!
But this is going to be silly if no one will link!! So will you do it?? Get your ideas ready for Tuesday!! I'll try it for at least 6 weeks even if no one links!!
You can even use the banner I made. I know it's kinda silly but so am I!! You can just right click it and save it to your computer and use it just like any other picture!
Here's a tip to get everyone started.
Don't water your house plants every week!
Okay so I have been guilty of this for my first 11 years of owning plants. And I pretty much killed everyone of those poor plants. So just last year I was finally told that most plants only need water every 4-6 weeks....WHAT!! Well I guess it's true because I have finally kept a plant alive for a year and it's still going!!! Now why wasn't I told that 20 plants ago??? Such a simple little tip and I'm sure everyone else knew that!!!


Sarah said...

I'm in. Sounds like fun!

Danielle said...

Sounds like something that could be a wealth of information!!!! Like you I love to hear the different things that are workign for other people and then trying them myself!!

Remember I'm not a pro at this whole linking fact I am completely clueless...I know you've tried to explain it to me, but lets just say I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box when it comes to computer! Another great reason we need together you can teach me these things!!

Bethany said...

Yeah, I'm in too.


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