Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Cleaning--Goodbye Snowmen!

This week is the Master Bedroom! I actually just did our master bedroom about a month ago, so I will be skipping out on this one. However I still have a job that I'll be tackling this week...
Put away all my snowmen!
Yes I really like to decorate with snowmen for the winter. I usually have them put away by the beginning of March. Well they're still out. Spring starts Friday so it is an absolute MUST to put all these little guys away!

I have them all throughout my house! Above is just a few of them.
I will update later in the week with the new springy decor!
If you haven't done your Master Bedroom be sure to go here and get your to do list!
And if you still have your snowmen's time to get them put away and Welcome Spring!
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Sarah said...

I was just doing this this morning... I am glad to get rid of the snow and welcome in the spring!!! COme on warm weather!

Thanks for Linking!

Courtney said...

But the snowmen are so cute!


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