Friday, March 20, 2009

Weekly Groceries

Groceries this week! $49.45 plus a few dollars at CVS. Puts me a little less than my $55. Budget
Yes this week is a little junky and convience foods. I really didn't need much and this is what was on sale this week. So we are stocked for a little while on pop and chips! Kroger had those Seyferts chips for .99 cents /bag. normally those are like $2.50 ... Great price!! I don't think it was even in the flyer. So Keep your eye open if you still need to go and want chips!!
Here's a Quick Breakdown...
Spent $12.13 at Meijer on 19 items
Spent $6.60 at Meijer (2nd trans) on 11 items
And $30.72 at Kroger on 31 items (55% savings)
Total was $49.45 for 61 items or .81 cents/item!
How did you do this week...
To learn how to do this you can visit my "couponing" category in my sidebar.
feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them!
Have a great weekend Everyone!!
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1 comment:

sistersledgekws said...

Nice job with the groceries....
I really dig your blog. I am adding you to my lemonade award list. come and see - grab the award.


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