Monday, July 13, 2009

3 Times 1 Day!!!

YEP... I won 3 Giveaways TODAY!!!!
I thought I'd share them with you and
make sure everyone is entering all these Blogland Giveaways!!
People really do WIN!!!

I won $25. of my choice from Eco Store
from Beautiful2God!

My choice of any item at UV Skinz
from 8-Muddy Boots!!
I picked this outfit for my daughter for Christmas!!

I won a Math Analogies Book
from The GaerteGang!
Be sure to visit these sites and enter their other giveaways!
Also be sure to enter mine too!!
They're listed at the top of the screen!!
I'm curious have you won anything in blogland???
Leave us a comment and tell us how many times you won
and what you won!!!! FUN!!!


spoodles said...



It's funny how I'll go weeks without winning anything and then get a bunch all at once. I love giveaways! I couldn't have most of this stuff if it weren't free. Our budget is just too tight.

I wish I knew how to do giveaways and reviews myself. It must be a lot of fun to make somebody's day like that!

spoodles said...

Not that I don't know *how* to write a review. I just don't know how you get the companies to come out and play!

Danielle said...

I have won from your blog....the organic products giveaway.....and then a couple weeks ago I won a download of SPELLQUIZZER !!!!!!(from the blog Lollypops and Lizards)

So much fun.....and yes I agree with the first commenter that I would probably wouldn't not get to try these products otherwise...Thanks!!

Daphnemomof9 said...

I won a $15 gift certificate from Lapbook Lessons for CurrClick. I still haven't used it all, I want to make just the right choice. Such pressure, there's so many awesome things there.


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