Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekly Groceries

It was nice to do some shopping this week
after skipping last week!
It went well!
All this for

At Meijer I spent $18.03 for 24 items saving $44.30
At Kroger I spent $26.74 for 36 items saving 45%
Total I spent $44.77 for 60 items or .75 cents per item
You don't see meat in the pic because I get all that from our local butcher. Our weekly budget is around $55. so I have plenty to get the meat we need.
I also get most of our milk from CVS. Here is my trip this week including milk. I will probably have to go get another gallon or 2.
Can't wait to shop Kroger next week
go here to check out their Mega Sale going on now!

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