Friday, August 28, 2009

We're Home!!

Hi Everyone!
We pulled in around 4pm today!
We had a Wonderful safe trip but we're glad to be home.
Well kinda glad... I'm not glad to be
Imagine 6 people and laundry for a week including bedding and towels!
Looks kinda like this....!!!!!
It's hard to tell but that pile is about 2 feet deep!!

Then on top of that my Wonderful Children
decided first thing to check the garden.
Here's what they found....
65 Tomatoes to be exact.
(that brings our season total to about 120.
With plenty more on the way!!)

Guess I'll be chopping tomatoes
all weekend in between loads of laundry
But at least VACATION WAS A BLAST!!!
Have a great evening!


Ann said...

WOW look at that laundry, my goodness! I am glad yall made it home safe and sound. That is wonderful all the produce that came from the garden!

Mom of three little Princesses said...

I knew you were home...Haley was over blowing her whistle....and she still is I think Bill is wanting to throw that whistle back in your yard! Glad you had a great trip...please hide that whistle tonight! LOL

Mom of three little Princesses said...

oh yea mom picked about 20 tomatoes also while you were add that to your total!
They were good we had them on a sandwich! thanks for the tomatoe!

Anonymous said...

Laundry. :::shudder::: The tomatoes look beautiful and I love how they were "posed."


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