Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to the Grocery Grind!!!

After a couple weeks off from grocery shopping
it was fun to go get the deals this week.

And they sure were abundant at Meijer!!!
This picture cost me a whopping

At Meijer I only spent $20.55 for 45 items
receipt says I saved $92.72 WHOA!!
and a quick stop at Aldi for $15.19 (11 items)
All Totaled I spent $35.74 for 56 items or about
.64 cents per item!
This leaves plenty of money this week to stock
up on meat from our local butcher.
I got my milk at CVS earlier in the week for very cheap!
I had help from a couple catalinas at Meijer. There were so many coupon matchups this week at Meijer... it's been awhile since I've that big of a pile to use in one trip. It was great!!!
As you may or may not know I use the stock up method when buying groceries. This means that the items in this picture (minus the produce) are not what I make my meals with this week. In fact some of the items I may not use for several weeks or even a month. I do this so that I am only buying what's on sale each week. I make my menus with what I already have in my freezer and pantries! I believe this saves us tons of money and I think we eat no different (maybe better) than we used to before my couponing planning days!
Anyone else use the stock up method???


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

You Rock! I wish I could (or would) be able to get such great deals.

Ann said...

Great deals!
Yep I stock up every chance I get when I get some great deals and when you can get stuff for free how can you not stock up? :)

.j.e.n.p.c. said...

ou did amazing. wow.

karenmed409 said...

You did great, I stock up deals when I can. I love Aldi's.

Emmy said...

Just found your blog. I have been frustrated at couponing sites that don't seem to work for me. We have a Meijer, but I have always found them expensive. What is the best way to get started at Meijer?

Savings Ninja said...

I'm a stockpiler too! Nice job, you got some great deals... that is an impressive haul :)


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