Friday, September 4, 2009

QOTW - Hypothetical question...

The question of the week is...
Is this scenario Mean or Smart???

This is a totally hypothetical situation... ((grin))
Imagine a family going on vacation together. They all love
homemade icecream and are planning to make it several times.

The recipe that they make is around $15.00 to make and it
only makes a gallon of icecream. EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!!!
Okay so imagine there are around 8 adults and let's say 11 kids 10 and under.
So the kids devour a good amount of this icecream but
are they really even tasting it???
Okay Okay
So here's the question ...
Say these hypothetical people buy the kids

some cheap grocery store icecream which they love and the adults who actually taste the icecream eat all of the $15. Delicious Yummy homemade icecream.

Question.... is this Mean or Smart???

Remember this is completely hypothetical
I can't imagine anyone actually doing this ((GRIN))
Let's hear it!!!


Sarah said...

Hypothetically, I would say I would HYPOTHETICALLY do this too... Ice Cream is ice cream to them, especially in a hypothetical world....

Genesa said...

Man, IF this was a real situation, those people would be sooo SMART. I mean I can imagine that the kids would be happy with any ice cream, esp. store bought. Kids are so thankful for whatever they get! I'm sure these hypothetical children were anyways! Great hypothetical question! If it ever happens in real life I will be prepared!

Mominin said...

I agree with Sarah and Genesa . . . IF this really happened, not only are those people SMART, but they are EXCELLENT parents. I think those kids would be lucky to get store bought ice cream! And I'm sure those kids don't still talk about how good the raspberry ice cream was . . . nope, they just think how great the store bought was!

BentoForKidlet said...

Smart! $15 is too much to spend on something they won't taste. Let those who will enjoy it have the homemade and give the kids other ice cream, which they will love just as much!

ViaMaria said...

Hypothetically, I would choose a different option since my kids would notice they weren't getting homemade.

Option #3

Expensive Homemade for Adults
Frugal Homemade for Kids

Then again reality tells me I couldn't part with $15 for a gallon of ice cream no matter how delicious it is even if it was all for me. ;)

Ann said...

Smart-Smart-Smart!! Kids never even notice anyway.

Sarah said...

So SMART!!! I agree that kids can't always enjoy the finer things in life and though they may know they aren't enjoying the homemade stuff, they won't ever know the taste difference!

Anonymous said...

For this hypothetical question I would say that everyone eats the same or has the same choices. That's the family thing! My kids are grown and I know we had to make these hard decissions to make ends meet. Find a less expensive way to make the ice cream (maybe not while your camping would help). Making memoies is just so important. Some kids will hold this against you when they are older

Staci said...

DO it! I would in a flash.

Chrissy said...

Honestly, I say this is SMART! Why? 'Cause the kids don't appreciate the homemade stuff (or at least mine don't!), and to them ice cream is ice cream. It makes more sense to get some store-bought ice cream for them and save the expensive stuff for the folks who will appreciate it.

This is a whole different can of worms I'm opening, but I have to say it. One of the things I think we do (as a whole society) is fail to treat our kids like kids. We should treat them well and take care of them, obviously, but there's no rule that says they have to have the best of everything. It's silly, in my opinion, to waste money on kids when it really doesn't matter to the kids. For example, we recently went to a bbq where the main course was shrimp and lobster cooked on the grill. Even though a couple of the younger kids (10 and under) claimed to like these foods, the hostess was smart and had prepared hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids. I think this is fair. As adults, don't we earn the right to treat ourselves occasionally? And it's not unfair, in my opinion, if the kids aren't included.

Megan said...

Well said Chrissy!

I do not think

I do this sometimes at home too. If I make hubby's favorite dessert, do the kids have to eat 90% of it... NO, I think Hubby deserves it. The kids can go choose one of the other 20 treats that they love! And if that's not good enough then they can always choose NOTHING!!!


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