Monday, September 14, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Here's another week's worth of meals!
Again nothing new or too exciting (except fondue)...
We're continuing to keep it simple!!!
And enjoy our grill as long as we can...
Monday -- Pancakes and Sausage
Tuesday -- Grilled Pork Chops, garden potatoes, veggies
Wednesday -- BLT's and watermelon
Thursday -- Grilled Chicken, potatoes, veggies, beans
Friday -- Birthday dinner -- Fondue at MIL's !!!
Saturday -- Homemade Pizza
Sunday -- Grilled Hamburgers or Crock pot Mac and cheese with sausage (didn't use last wk.)
We enjoy Fondue once every year or two. We're having it for my SIL and BIL birthday's!
We usually have Steak, Chicken, Potatoes, Bread, Cauliflower, Broccoli, cheese sauce, Pancake batter, and hot dogs (usually for the kids). If I get some pictures Friday I'll explain how and what you do in case some of you have never enjoyed fondue!!!!

So have you ever had fondue???
If so what ingredient do you love to include???


The Allen Family said...

Ooo... I'd love for you to explain how to do fondue. I have a pot but I've never dared use it. :)

Genesa said...

You already know how I feel about fondue!!!!!!!

twinsz said...

My mom used to do fondue. She would do one pot with oil in it. This would be used for the meat. Usually some kind of steak and/or chicken. She did this in an electric fondue pot. Then she would do a beer cheese fondue. My mom hated beer, but loved this fondue. When I got married my husband and I did a chocolate fondue. Yummy! I actually have a fondue cookbook, but I am sure that you can get recipes online. I know the beer cheese and chocolate fondues are pretty popular. All this talk of fondue makes me want to get mine out. YUM!


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