Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekly Groceries - ONE Store!!!

Shopping felt a little different this week...
I only went to ONE STORE!!!
Yep I got everything I wanted at Meijer. I skipped Menards, Kroger, Walgreens, and Aldi! Okay I did go to CVS to get our milk but still!@!@!.

I got everything you see in both pictures at
Meijer in 5 transactions (yes 5!!) for $46.48

Yep you do see a lot of snacky foods, pop, and juice! But it will come in handy in October when we take our annual 15 day working trip to Covered Bridge with the kids!!

If you're wondering why I did 5 transactions or if you missed the Meijer deals this week you can see them here. There's still time to go take advantage of these awesome deals.

If you don't already know I only shop the sales and then make my meal plans from what's already in our pantries and freezer. So what you see in the picture is not what we are eating. I also have apples from our trees and produce from our garden. I'm afraid my produce is slowing coming to an end... Anyone else sad to see it go???? I love my fresh tomatoes whenever I want some!!!

I also buy all our meat from our local butcher. I try to keep my weekly meat budget to $5.-$10. Some weeks I don't need any and some weeks I may have $20. left to stock up a little! Their meat and prices are so much better than grocery store prices and quality. I encourage you to check one out if there are any in your area! And yes sometimes they can be a little stinky going in but it's well worth it!!!

Next week look for my post on how we made
65 quarts of applesause, 20 pints, 20 freezer containers for me and 50 pints for my MIL!! We used over 5 bushel of apples let's just say..... It was a loooooong day!!!


Sonshine said...

Great job! Meijer did have a great snack sale this week. I got some things but I needed to save room too for homemade snacks on the shelves. :)

Enjoy your weekend! :)

A Frugal Friend said...

5 bushels of apples!!! WOW - I'm impressed. :-)

Natasha said...

I wish I had a Meijer! Can't wait for the Apple post this week. I'm very impressed!

Megan said...

Great trip. I love it when I only have to go to one store. Makes life simpler.


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