Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Great Deal Roundup!!!!

Here are some great deals
that are going on that my awesome readers have emailed me about!
Have fun checking them out, I know I did!
I just hope I have some time to do a little shopping this week!!

If you have a Target Nearby check with Deb at Frugal Living here
for all this week's matchups!

Kristin has a great post here on all the
great deals going on at Walmart now!

There is a new link here (make sure you open it in IE not Fire Fox)
for the CVS Quiz. You can take the quiz and
print another $5./$25 for CVS!! Thanks Kristin!

If you are heading out to Target be sure to also check
out Kristin's post here on how to get lots of Glade items free
and even Money Makers!!!

Oh yea I almost forgot, Kristin (she's been busy!!) also has a post here
on how to use a reusable shopping bag at CVS and net 1 ECB for
every 4th time you use it! Looks like an awesome deal to me!!!
I'm going to check and hopefully get mine today!!

If you ever shop at Honey Baked Ham you can get a $10. coupon
emailed to you here! thanks Cindy

And Check out Frugal Living's post here on how to get
lots of Robitussin, Dimetapp, or Advil very
cheap at CVS this week!

Have a great week!!

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