Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekly Groceries

I just did my shopping this morning! Usually I go earlier
in the week but this week is unusually BUSY!!!
As you can see it's my annual week to buy
convenience foods! Since we're leaving for 2 weeks on a
working trip, food is all about EASY!!!!
My kids look forward each year to the only time I buy things like
CORN DOGS, Uncrustables, and Hot Pockets!!!

Yea it's true, they all cheered when I got home!!!
Sometimes it's so easy to make them excited!

Anyway even with all the convenience foods and even a pack
of socks (and a lot less planning) my total was still only
$45.xx at Meijer!
((I also spent $6. at CVS on Milk))

I also won't be grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks
so I'm looking forward to using those week's money
to stock up on some things for winter
I'll let you know what I get when I return!!!

Have a great weekend!


Danielle said...

Do they get no school and great food to eat all while having FUN with dad while you work...Now that's what I talking about ;) Have safe travels and hopeful make LOTS of $$$ while your at it!!

Megan said...

THanks Danielle! Yep no food, lots of fun, and great food! Kids dream!!!

Sonshine said...

Great job! Safe travels!

My kids holler when I bring in things like that too along with juice and certain cereals! :)

Marsha S said...

looks great to me

Megan said...

You are amazing!


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