Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sugar Cookies -- Baked!!!

I usually just use a small amout of dough and do
a few cut outs at a time.
This dough will be very hard since it's cold
but as you work it for a minute it should
be perfect to roll out!
Be sure to put flour down so they don't stick.

You can see that I like them very thin!
I love to make the icing cookie ratio about 50/50!!!
Gotta Love that Frosting!!!

You can just see the beaming smile!

These are actually baked.
I think one of the keys to great sugar cookies
is NOT overbaking them. I don't even
let them get a hint of brown!
It took about 5 min 30 sec. in my hot oven!

And here are the results!
I counted about 85 cookies plus a bunch of tiny stars.

You will yield less if you make them fatter of course!

Next up!
let the fun and MESS begin!

1 comment:

Gaertegang said...

Mmmm eat a few for me!!! I have my cookie baking and given out!! I have been enjoying all the baking going on at my house as well.....Happy Holidays!!

BTW any new on your house...still praying...


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