Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekly Groceries

I know I know, I said I wasn't shopping
in the month of December BUT.....

I couldn't resist the Cereal/Milk
deal this week at Meijer!! (details here)

I got everything in picture for $7.96

I also did another transaction at Meijer
I had another $5./$25. food purchase and I just
couldn't let it expire!! No picture for this trans. but it
included 4 -12 packs Mt Dew
more Kraft Cheese, lunch meat, eggs, foil, and several
other items for $22.44 (14 items)

I came out of Meijer with a cart full and
spent right around $30.

I also did a deal at CVS and spent $2.64 oop
(spent 15 ecb got back 10 ecb.)
4 - 12 packs Pepsi products
and other stuff
used a $5./$30. I got last week!
Oh and I got the Viva Paper Towels at Walgreens-
6 pack for $2.99! (got 2)

I think we're set on Pepsi/Mt. Dew for a
good long time!!

Are you ready for the quickly
approaching Christmas Week?!?!?

1 comment:

Gaertegang said...

Gotta stock up on those deal while you have doing some deals at Walgreens lately...I think I had something like $6x.xx odd dollars in RR from 2 weeks ago...I did 3 trans. to get that many....anyway I went back this week to stock up on few items I needed....worked out real nice!!

Did you get the email for CVS where you could earn $15 ECB if you qualify for the survey? I did and now I have scored $15 FREE MONEY!!! Hmmm what great deal shall I spend them on......


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