Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meijer - 45 items!!! $4.25

Well this turned out to be a
wonderful week at Meijer.
They were out of the Free Cottage Cheese
but I won't complain!

If you haven't made it there, you might want
to visit them!! Sale ends today...

I got all this pictured for $4.25
These are the trips you just shake your
head in disbelief, but love every minute of it!!

I did 3 quick transactions.
Trans. 1
buy 4 BC fruit snacks paid $1.18 (after coupons)
got back $2.50 Catalina

Trans 2
buy 4 more BC Fruit Snacks paid .58 cents
(different coupons)
got back $2.50 Catalina

Trans. 3
Everything else you see pictured
(used the 2 Catalina's from above)
Only paid $2.49

Total $4.25 for 45 items
including many very useful items like
potatoes, carrots, yogurt, tortilla shells,
spaghetti, and salad

I really wish there were more weeks like this!!

Total Grocery $$ for the month


Noelle said...

Wow! Looks like you made out like a bandit!

Kimber said...

Okay ... that is AWESOME!!!


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