Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Tool Man

My little guys newest addiction!!
Taking out screws
He's best with a regular screw driver but
lately he's wanted the power tools.

The glow in his eye when he gets his tools...
Oh they start so young!!!

See all those screws... Yep all of those have
come out of a little kids table and chairs we
have. It's a wonder that thing is still standing!!!

He's went from cars, to stickers,
to puzzles, now this!!

I wonder what's next??


Genesa said...

Too cute!!!!

Gaertegang said...

I understand completely!!! He looks so manly working on his chair :) The real question is "How many screws have you lost in the process?" Can he put it back together as well as take it apart?

Megan said...

No in the past week, Malachi keeps putting it back together and Shad just enjoys taking it apart!!

oh well I guess it's fun for both of them!!

Lost screws... probably several!!

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

How cute! Guess you better check your chairs before you sit down now! Just in case :D

Stacie said...

Too cute!! My son is the same way. He loves tools and he loves to build.


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