Monday, February 15, 2010

Catalina Break through!!... For me anyway!!

I was talking to my friend Erica at Church who told me that
Meijer will accept Walgreens Register Rewards!

Maybe you all knew this but in 2 years of
couponing, I've never known this!
The Register Rewards are Manufacturer coupons
and will scan just like any other coupon.

This changes Walgreens
a lot for me!

Here's why...
I often skip getting the Walgreen's Free after
RR (register reward) deals because I can't always find
something worth while to spend the RR on at Walgreen's.
So it actually makes me spend more on a weekly basis.

Take for instance last week at Walgreen's
Dove body care- $5.99 get 5.99 RR
Vitamin Lip Care -- $1.99 get 2 RR
Spend $8. get 8 RR back
I didn't get these items because it would have been $8.00 oop
that I didn't have to spend.
However... Most weeks I go to Meijer and spend at least $20.

So... if I go to Walgreens and spend $8. for those products.
Then proceed to do my normal shopping and use the Walgreens
catalina. I will spend the same in the end only I will get the
freebies at Walgreens too.

Does that even make sense????
My brain is still on low Weekend usage!!!!

So did everyone else already know?????
~Thanks Erica for letting me know!!~


Luvin' Great Deals said...

I didn't know that!

Hope said...

Neither did I. Its fuuny too because I just had the HARDEST time spending $8 RR that were going to expire. I just couldn't find great deals on things we really needed... I ended up with tp and generic trash bags (which stink btw.) Going to Meijer would have been SOOOO much better! Thanks for the tip - post something when it is a success!

nicnac said...

Since they are man. coupons, would they work anywhere? (ie. Kroger??)

Megan said...

I think it would depend on your Kroger Cashier. They are Manufacturer coupons but some Stores would consider it a competitor coupon since a specific stores name is on it and might not take it. Not sure of Kroger's Coupon policy on this.

You could try or ask at the service desk!!!

Daphnemomof9 said...

I've also heard that you can use them at Cub Foods, but I haven't tried it.

Susan said...

I didn't know this. This is good news. This is something I am going to check out for sure! Thankyou for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

News to me...might have to start looking at the Walgreen's ad a bit more closely again!

Kim said...

Is this true for all Meijer stores? I can't see my store doing this, but I wish they would as I have practically given up on shopping at Walgreens as everytime I get a RR it expires before I get back to use it. Thanks so much!

Gaertegang said...

Interesting! Never heard it before either....Great find, thanks for sharing.


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