Sunday, February 14, 2010

Meijer 2-14

Valentine's Day!!!

Check out Macomb Money Savers
for the Meijer Deals this week.

It looks like you can get the big
boxes of Kellogg's cereal for only .49 cents each
after MQ, Instant savings, and Catalina!!


Sara said...

I'm new to couponing. Could you explain the Catalina coupons? They are valid for you next purchase at Meijer right? Can you stack them? For example, if with the Pillsbury promotion I get $4 off my next purchase, and $4 more for the Kellogs promotion, cause I use all $8 on my next purchase?

Megan said...

Yes you can use as many catalinas on your next purchase as you have. Assuming your total doesn't go negative!

Few pointers to catalina's

-- If they don't print, you really can't prove you should have gotten them. I think there is a 800 number that you can call. I've never called it and I think I've only ever been out like 2 catalina's in 2 years.

-- If you're going to do the Kellogg's deal twice, make sure you split it into 2 transactions. Normally 2 catalina's of the same deal won't print. (sometimes they do but not the norm)

-- They almost always "roll" which means that if you do 2 transactions of the Kellogg's you can use the first catalina to pay for the 2nd trans. and still get the catalina.

-- If I'm getting a catalina, I almost always do 2 transactions that way I can use the catalina on the 2nd transaction. Since I live 25 minutes away this ensures that they don't ever expire on me!

Feel Free to ask more questions, I hope this helps!!



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