Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Groceries - An extra trip to Bulk food store!

Week 3

Meijer (pictured above) -- $21.84 for 30 items

That wouldn't have been too bad, but I was in the town
that my closest bulk food store is in (dropping off taxes). So
I stopped and got a few things I've been wanting.

Total there $17.84 (no picture)
I got a big bag of whole wheat flour, cake flour (for angel food cake),
lemon juice, almond extract (4.99 ouch), 10# potatoes, and several
other items. I knew this would be extra and I'd go over my goal but
I also know my goal is very low so I feel good about it!

Week 3 totals
Meijer $21.84
CVS $3.57
Bulk Store $17.84

Total for February so far $105.09

Yearly so far $226.31


Anonymous said...

a case of pop should be considered 1 item.... so should a pack of banannas split in half... And i wouldn't brag about what you have on that table, unless your trying to get overweight children.

Megan said...

You're right on the bananas (I didn't think about it) and what pop??? That is yogurt!!!

This is not what we eat on a weekly basis, just what we picked up this week! We eat from our stockpile. You can see check our weekly menus under "weekly menus" Almost everything I make is from scratch including ALL BREAD!!! and I do allow treats sometimes because my children are EXTREMELY healthy, we're very blessed!!!

Thanks for letting me clear that up for you!

Sarah said...

I guess "Anonymous" was too shy to let you use them as a roll model! ;) Just for the record, Megan's kids are not overweight by any means (Michelle Obama would be proud!). They ARE very healthy, VERY active children!

We did the stock up this week at Meijer too. Stocked up on cereal (woot! on the Cheerios and Rice Krispies on sale!), my cart was actually overflowing! We spent about $10 over our normal $70, which is OK. We had other weeks we could make up for... :P

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has managed to spend only $226.31 YTD on groceries while feeding 4 growing children and preparing them well-balanced meals according you her weekly menu plan and has plenty of posts sharing what she has been baking up in her kitchen has plenty of room to brag. Keep up the great work Megan - you are a true inspiration to me!!!!!

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Looks like a great week! I know it must look funny to someone who doesn't stockpile because they assume your weekly groceries are what you're eating that week with not much else thrown in. Tho that doesn't give them the right to be rude about it.

Your kids look lovely and healthy and you're doing a great job! :)

Megan said...

Thanks for the encouragement Sarah and Steph! I really appreciate you guys!!

Megan said...

Thank you Jenn for the encouragement too! We must have been commenting at the same time since I didn't see your comment before!!

I will admit this week doesn't look too exciting but as you said we eat from our stockpile and some may not understand that!

Have a great weekend!


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