Friday, November 14, 2008

Groceries this Week

This week had some ok deals. I stayed below my weekly $55. budget and got quite a bit of food!! I stocked up on tomato sauce (6 -32 oz. cans), corn steamers (11 bags), salad dressing (4), taco shells(like I need more!), mayo, frozen pizzas (theres 4 there), and more.

Here's what I got... it's hard to see it all, I will try to improve my picture taking skills. I'm not used to taking pics of groceries. I still can't believe I am!! But I like to see pics of what everyone else gets so maybe you do too!!

Walgreens $6.25
Kroger 16.44
Meijer 26.30
Walmart- Free (I got 11 steamers and 7 buddies for 0) I did get a new toaster and a birthday gift so my total wasn't actually 0---(My toaster finally died after 12 1/2 was a wedding gift!! It had a long life!)
So my total was $48.99 plus a few dollars a CVS earlier in the week! yay another week in budget.

How did you do this week??


Sonshine said...

great job!

Clair said...

that's exciting! check out my blog about meijer - they're gonna be leaking their black friday ad to me this week! Clair


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