Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekly Meals

Here is our Weekly meals that I just planned. This is actually next weeks meals. I usually shop on Fridays and in order to get my grocery lists ready I have to plan a week ahead!!

Monday--Vegetable soup

Tuesday--Ham Steaks, cheesy potatoes, and salad

Wednesday-- pigs in a blanket and fries --Wednesdays is kids night. (the pigs are hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls) I wasn't sure if this is something everyone knew or not!!

Thursday--Cavatini and salad


Saturday--Homemade Pizza

Sunday-- Whole Fryer Chicken in crockpot, potatoes, veggies
I will also add a segment at the bottom. This will tell you what I had to buy this week that I didn't already have on hand to make all our meals!

This week I only had to buy sour cream, eggs, and a bag of potatoes. (Note-- I also need milk but I buy all my milk at CVS with the deals.)

I think this is the goal of couponing. If I can use the majority of my budget for whatever is on sale and I have a coupon for then I can turn our small $55. grocery budget into a lot of food!

feel free to ask questions or leave comments!

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