Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tidy--not yet!

I have been following a blog all week called Homespun Heart. She is hosting a week long event called "Making you Home a Haven" I'm a little late but Monday was "Tidy" Day. Okay better late than never!! Well yesterday I took a look at this closet and could hardly believe my eyes. It has gotten way out of hand. It's one of those closets where things get thrown in and then we just close the door. Can't believe I'm showing you this but here it is!!!

Out of sight out of mind...Do you have any of those areas???Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!
Anyway it's time for a cleaning as we move from fall jackets to winter coats, hats, and mittens. I think all the summer sandals are still somewhere on the bottom.
Well I'll be back later to show you how it went!!


Sarah said...

Sweet... no you are definately not the only one. There is at least 2 of us... But I have concured some of those areas this week!

Genesa said...

OK, we can only have ONE area like that????? Man I sure hope not! I feel like my whole house is like that right now!


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