Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ok I'm back and it's done!! The pics might not look a lot better but trust me the before pics also didn't tell exactly how bad it was!!

I added this pic below because you know when you start in one closet, it kinda grows and you end up doing more. I was able to clear out 2 shelves in my coat/game closet! so I moved a bunch of stuff that I didn't know what to do with out of this pantry and into the game closet.

This is a panty that I started filling up a couple months ago because my other pantry was getting too full to keep organized from all the deals!! Now I'm so excited because I have EMPTY SHELVES.
Yay more deals to get. I wonder how long it will take to fill up this pantry too!!
If you're wondering how to grow your pantry while cutting your grocery budget go here to "Couponing" I will be adding more posts soon. You can also visit moneysavingmom, this is who taught me!!

Hope you're having a great day!!


Sarah said...

Very nice!!! Now you don't have any more bad areas???

Megan said...

yea right...I will just let you think that!!!


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