Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kroger week of 1-27

Kroger is continuing their Mega Sale again this week. To see the full list go here. Be sure to check your store as some deals may be regional.
Here is the new items I see...
Tyson Boneless skinless chicken breast-- $1.87/ lb --use $1. MQ off 1 package. If they have it packaged by the pound, we should be able to get it for .87 cents... I will let you know Thurs. or Fri. what I find...Edit--They did not have it packaged by the pound. I did get 2 pgks. that were 1.77 lbs each for $3.31- $1.MQ= $2.31 or $1.30/lb. not bad!!
Milk 4/$5. includes chocolate
Jacks frozen pizza--$2.00
Multigrain Cheerios--$1.66- .50MQ tripled = .16cents/box
other General mills cereal listed--$1.66- $1./2= $1.16/ box
Cottonelle toilet paper--.99-.50MQ= FREE
Be sure to check out the mega sale again. I'm not going to take the time to write it. I will make note that they have Armour meatballs for $2.49- .50mega sale -.55 MQ= $1.45 /bag
Also don't forget to check and load e-coupons onto your card here, here, and here
Okay one more thing...You can get the Wacky Mac that I keep buying for .16 cents if your store triples. It is $1.66 -.50MQ = .16cents ---There should be printables here and here
What do you see???


Danielle said...

What is wacky mac??? I saw in somebody's pic this week that they got some but wondered what is was....

Megan said...

Well I thought it was just pasta noodles. but the package says something about Veggie Spirals.

It also says to use in the place of any noodle, spag, or macaroni.

So I really don't know for sure...maybe I'll try them tonight in a pasta salad???

Sarah said...

Let us know if they are good. I think they look a little TOO wacky for me... =)


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