Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Menards Freebies!

Wow even more Freebies at Menards. On Friday they released an ad with 9 other freebies. See it here. Now on Sunday, they have an ad with 3 more freebies in it! We are loving Menards.
Both these sales run through Feb. 1

30 ct. Tough Task Wipes--FREE after $2. Rebate --limit 2

Automotive Wipes--FREE after $3. rebate-- limit 3

6 oz. Jar air freshener -- FREE after $1. rebate -- limit 5

The Arm & Hammer isn't free but I thought it was worth mentioning especially since Kerri tipped me off to a $1./1 printable here. $2.96 -$1.MQ= $1.96 (32 load)

Remember you have to purchase an additional $10. worth of items that arn't free. After sending it in, your rebates will come in the form of a Menards Merchandise Check. This means that you can only spend it in their store. (I like to just use it to buy more FREEBIES!!!) See more about Menards Rebate program here.


Danielle said...

I didn't know a place like Menards would take coupons...all the more reason to LOVE THEM!!!

Megan said...

Yes! there is also a coupon for the free Rayovac batteries that are on my other post I think it's $1./2

Gotta love money makers at Menards!!


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