Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wacky Mac for you Wacky non believers!

Okay so some of you have been questioning my wacky mac purchases and even saying that maybe it's too wacky for you....Well doesn't this look delicious???

I mean seriously can you ever pass up an entire bag of anything for .16 cents. Okay, so since I really didn't know if the stuff was decent at all, I did try it for myself tonight. It was REALLY GOOD!!
I did a rather simple thing (before I looked up this site) and simply added Italian dressing to it after I cooked and cooled it. Just like you would any pasta salad! The noodles definately had a taste to them, they weren't just plain pasta. The Italian was just the thing to put on them. I'm looking forward to trying some other recipes with all my wacky mac. (and yes...I'm getting more tomorrow... And probably more next week!)
So there you have it, permission to go spend .16 cents and get yourself a bag at Kroger and try it for yourself...I don't think you'll be disappointed!!! Even if your Kroger only doubles you can still get a bag for only .66 cents

Go here for their recipes!

Hope you enjoy your Wacky Mac!!!!

There should be printables here and here


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

OK, I totally typo-ed on that entry... I said I thought the Wacky Mac did LOOK tastey. Maybe I will have to make a $.16 purchase of the wacky-stuf this (or next ) week...

Genesa said...

Do they make you wacky?????

Megan said...

I'm already wacky so I wouldn't know!!!


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