Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weekly Groceries!

Total this week was $57.34 Just a touch over my $55. budget... I Won't complain, it seems I got more meat and I got an extra gallon of milk. I also got a big tub of icecream for a birthday party. Overall I consider it another great week!

I spent $26.78 at Meijer for 23 items
and.......$30.56 at Kroger for 33 items (66% savings)
total was $57.34 for 56 items...that's around $1./item. I don't think there were more than 10 items that were originally under $1. So although it's not nearly as good as the last couple weeks, I'll TAKE IT!!!

How'd you do??


Danielle said...

LOOKS GOOD!!! I know what you mean about the extra meat....we have take the meat when we can cause it's not always on sale.....I think that is just even less we spend later :) Have a great b-day party!!!

Genesa said...

Good job as usual!


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