Sunday, March 29, 2009

Meijer 3-29

Meijer looks pretty blah this week to me. That's okay with me since I'm taking the week off. More on that later...

Here's what I see (my Meijer doubles to .50 cents)
Excedrin -- .99 cents -$1.MQ= FREE
Land o Lakes Butter -- $1.25 -.50MQ= .25 cents
Rice or Pasta a Roni -- 9/$10. -$1/4MQ= .86 cents
Pam Spray -- $2. -.35 MQ =$1.30
Yoplait Yogurt -- 10/$5. =.50 -.40/6MQ= .37 cents
Pillsbury $1.50 -.35MQ =.80 cents
Suave body wash --$1.79 -.50MQ= .79 cents
Suave sham or cond -- $1.50 -$1/2= $1.00
Meijer cheese -- $1.50
Doritos -- 1/2 off
Please leave a comment if you see a deal I missed.


Mom of three little Princesses said...

Hello! Since my family and friends love my Cornflake potatoes! Meijer has there frozen potatoes on sale this week, they are 5/10. $2. a bag is a pretty good deal, also there is a $1/3 on the meijer mealbox. Just to let everyone know, if they use potatoes alot like we do. Thanks

Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh, I miss Meijers! Florida has nothing close so I visit when we visit family in Michigan, only to whine for a year that we have no Meijers. Sigh:-) Love you blog. I homeschool too!

Megan said...

Nice to meet you Suzanne! sorry you don't have a Meijer. I feel for you..I love my Meijer!!

But your weather blows N.Indiana out of the water!! So I can't feel too bad for you!


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