Monday, March 30, 2009

Potty Training...Yikes!!

Yep I'm taking the plunge. We're potty training! I have a son who is going to be 3 in May...Yep it's time. I'm gonna do it and I will not quit, I will not quit, I will not quit. Sorry I gotta syke myself up. You see I have to tell ya I have started and quit before...I know big no no, right!!!

Well actually I have already potty trained this kid...let me explain since I'm sure you're wondering why I'm doing it again>> hmmm I ask myself the same question.

Well I started training him when he was about 27 months, even tho I knew I probably didn't have enough time before we took a 15 day working camping trip. I know I should have know better. But I did it anyway and he was doing so well... but he wasn't totally trained and it was time to leave for our trip, uh oh.

Well imagine camping in October-- never being at the camper--doing laundry once in 15 days, and me working while hubby took care of the kids-- yea you get the picture. To avoid messes the diaper went back on and the pooh pooh went back in!! Oh how depressing it was but I didn't even have time to think about it until we got back home and I was the caretaker again. Yep totally untrained.... I mean totally untrained...

So since I did it once, did I have to do it again?? Well 5 months later it's still not I guess I'm doin' it again!

I'm very hopeful that it will go easier since he knows the concept. Then again he also wants his way and has a little 4th child I want my way attitude. But I will not quit, I will not quit, I will not quit.

That's where you come in and why I'm blogging about it. You guys do something to me. You motivate me to succeed. It's just like the spring cleaning segment has been, never in a million years would I motivate myself to clean (really clean) 1 room each week and not skip out. but since I'm blogging about it I have.

Pray and think of me often this week as I'm probably cleaning up doo doo from all corners of the house. Well lets hope not!! Just remember don't let me quit, don't let me quit, don't let me quit...

If you have any tips or encouragement be sure to leave a comment. Let me know I'm not allowed to quit!!! Thanks you guys are the best!

BTW -- having potty trained 3 kids already you'd think I'd have a great method....Why is it that each kid is sooooo different. Potty Training should be one of those things that God made each kid the same... I'm pretty sure He didn't ...

My first seemed so easy - done in 5 days- no more accidents-- then again with one child I had nothing else to do except wait until potty time!

My second (girl) was terrified of the toilet. Smart little snot but terrified she'd get flushed down. One day I knew she had to go, it was 1 PM and she was still dry from morning. I held her down on the pot screaming...she couldn't hold it any longer and went. From that moment she realized it wasn't going to eat her and NEVER had an accident. Yep that was easy...

My third...I have no idea... really I don't remember doing it at all... maybe the potty training fairy waved her magic wand or something.... I don't know maybe I should wait and see if the fairy will come for my 4th... No! now come on guys I'm not goin' quit!!!


Sarah said...

Ah, the potty training fairy. We have gotten pretty lucky like that for the first 3, and I'm sure the last one will not be the same. Why is it the last one has to be so difficult? =)

Just make sure that IF he messes in his Big boy undies that you tell him OH NO! or NO NO! and take him straight to the potty. It's kind of like a dog, I guess. Show him the yucky that he did in his pants and then if he pooped in his pants put it in the potty (while he is watching) and cheer as you flush it down... Treats also help. And I KNOW your boy like the treats! =)

That's probably all I can share... I will be praying that it all goes well for you (both!).

Megan said...

Well I'm excited to share that he has peed in potty every hour and just poo poo in there too. no accidents yet

I know it can't be this easy... but I'm hoping it is!

thanks for the prayers!

Mominin said...

You can do it! Just remember what happens after you get your youngest potty trained, though...maybe you shouldn't potty train after all!

Genesa said...

Oh ouch Shannon, how could you even suggest it!!!!!!
Good luck Meg, I'm sure since it's the 2nd time it is going to be that easy!! If you want I can send TJ over and you can take care of him this week too!


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