Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Won ... Thank - You!!

During the blog party I found
Her post was really cool as she shared 25 facts about herself! She was also doing a giveaway so of course I left a comment and entered the giveaway!
Guess what????? I won!
My kids were especially excited when they found out it was a Toys R Us gift card! ha... then I informed them it was mine!!! AHHHH!!!....What?? No I'm not being selfish... But....Fine, maybe I can find something the whole family can enjoy! Happy!!! (man they get everything)
Thank you Carrie! Be sure to check out her blog as she's eating from her pantry this week! She also has, as she puts it, 2 little guys and a surprise teeny princess, sooo cute!
Thanks again, Carrie
BTW- Be sure to enter lots of giveaways. In blog land your chances of winning are really good. There are sooo many giveaways! You can go here to see a few and get started signing up. Even people who say they never!!


mom2boys said...

Congrats on your win!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you all know I think I finally managed to figure out how to add my follow button to my blog.. Looking forward to connecting this way!


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