Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meijer 3-8

Meijer is having a 10/$10 get the 11th free sale this week! I would classify it as an "okay" sale...There just isn't very many coupon matchups to go with the sale!
Here's what I see...
$10/10 get 11th free
*Sobe life water $1.-.50MQ (tearpad at CVS)= FREE
* Ziploc sandwich bags $1.-.40MQ= .20 cents
* Celery $1.
* Jet puffed marshmallows $1.
*Hormel Chili $1. -.55/2
*Quaker rice snacks $1.- $1.25 MQ= FREE
*Aunt Millies Engish Muff- $1.-.35MQ= .30
*Zatarains rice $1.-.75/2 MQ= .63 each
*****More 10/10 items included..see ad****
Doritos 1/2 price
Eckrich franks--$1.50 each
Kelloggs Jumbo Krispies or Han.Mont Cereal-$1.99- $1.MQ-$1./2MB= .50 cents
Tilipia fish--$3.50
Fiber One yogurt- $2.-$1.MQ= $1.
General Mills Cereal--buy 4 get $5. off instantly--use .50 MQ for Banana Nut Cheerios and .50MQ Fiber One Bars--final price depends on sale price???
Kelloggs Fiber Plus bars--$2. -.75MQ= $1.25
Gentle Care Wipes (big refill bag) is reported to be around $6. use $5.MQ= cheap wipes
Please leave a comment if you see any other deals!


Danielle said...

Like you said "okay" but nothing I think I will skip yet another week at Meijer!! It kills me to not hit up Menards for their freedbies but I think I will also pass it this time around. Thanks for the post!!

Anonymous said...

Can I use Rebate Check to buy the gift Card? Thanks

Megan said...

I'm assuming you're talking about Menards...If so I haven't tried it. But I see no reason why you couldn't use your rebate check any way you see fit. As long as you are buying $10 of non rebated items to get the freebies. That seems to be the only requirement. Method of payment should not matter!

hth--let me know if you find out otherwise.


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