Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekly Groceries

Weekly Groceries on my $55. Budget!
Total spent $53.77 plus a couple dollars at CVS
Here's the breakdown!
Spent $28.29 at Meijer on 34 items
and $25.48 at Kroger for 30 items
Total was $53.77 for 64 items! Around .85 cents per item!
I even splurged and bought hubby Burger King Chips- he loves the ketchup and fries flavor.
About a year ago we could get them at Menards, then they stopped carring them and we couldn't find them anywhere. I saw in Kroger's ad that it's a new item so I got him some!
Only problem is that their sale price was $1.79 which isn't bad EXCEPT it's for a 5.5 oz bag...OUCH!!!
Anyone tried these chips??...Where do you buy them??
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Danielle said...

Looks great!!! I have never even heard of Burger King Chips...oh how I learn so much wisdom from you!!!

Genesa said...

OK I'm sorry but for some reason those chips sound very gross!!!

Megan said...

I don't really like them- they're not bad but not something I would want... but Shawn and the kids really like them!

Melissa said...

That's awesome! You did such a great job!

Martha said...

That's great! My budget is $50 a week, so I can relate to your budget. While some would consider this budget a burden, I think it is a lot of fun and is very fulfilling when you see how much you saved in comparison to how much you spent!


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