Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning--Bathroom

Spring cleaning continues this week! Go here to get your assignments and to link up!
This week we're working on the main bathroom. I am going to work on what we consider the master bath. It's not in our room so it's also the bath guests use. Our other bath is upstairs and that's the one the kids use.
Yes that's an outhouse in our bathroom!
I think it's cute and it's very functional too. Since we don't have a closet in our bath it's where I store towels!

So I wasn't sure if I should post pics but since I like seeing other peoples houses I thought maybe you would too!
This week my plan is to deep clean. Wipe off the blinds one by one, clean out the cupboards (you'd be amazed how much is stuffed in there), generally clean, and clean the floor. Now cleaning the floor is a pretty big job. If you use hairspray, you know what I'm talking about. The build up is yucky. Any ideas on the best way to get it clean??
Be sure to read Sarah's post here, she has some great YUCKY facts about the germs in bathrooms...Better get cleaning!!


Sarah said...

Thanks for Linking up! I used to use rubbing alcohol to get hairspray off my glasses ans other things in the bathroom. I haven't tried on the floor, try a small area and it doesn't do anything to your linolium (which I wouldn't think it would) then there you go! It should wipe right off. I am posting picks of my bathroom, but I am showing in my cupcoards, it's a sad sight...

Sarah said...

Also, your link didn't show up on my Mr Linky... ;)

The Thrifty Geek said...

Love your bathroom.


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