Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 Easy Recipes

Here are 2 VERY easy Recipes! I thought I'd post "easy" in case some of you still need a couple extras for Sunday's Easter Dinner!

Jello / Cool Whip Salad (or dessert)
I make the jello as usual and let it set up. I usually use at least 2 different kinds of jello and typically need 3 sm. boxes. You can use any kind you like.
Then I start with jello and layer the jello and cool whip (you will need around 12-16 oz. of cool whip).
It really helps if you have a nice glass container to put it in.
I use this...

That's it! I'm sure you have all made this before, but sometimes we forget the easiest recipes!
Snicker Dessert
Make a graham cracker crust and spread in 9x13 pan. Bake as directed. You could also use a premade round graham cracker crust. (might need 2 round)
Make a 6 oz. box of chocolate pudding as directed. Let it set up.
After it's set up, then layer these 3 ingred. on the graham cracker crust....
chocolate pudding
5 chopped snickers bars
whipped topping (12-16 oz.)
Keep Refrigerated!
For more recipes visit the recipe swap at Grocery Cart Challenge


Genesa said...

Are you making these for easter???????????????????????????????????????????????????????Hope so!

pam said...

Both sound so good!! Thanks for some ideas:)

Megan said...

Sounds quick and easy to me! Thanks for sharing.


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