Monday, April 6, 2009

Great CVS Trip

It's been awhile since I've had anything exciting to report from CVS! Well today I was in picking up a some poison ivy relief for hubby when a
$20./$100. printed out of the scanner!
I've didn't even know these existed...
I thought there's no way with the deals this week I can make this pay, but I was up to the challenge! I went home to make a plan. Here's what went back and got...
I ended up with all this for $11.95 (used a gift card so no $$$ oop!!)...WOW at one point when she was ringing it up, it was over $140.xx!!! (made me a little nervous)
I paid $2. each for the pop making those $6. (had $2./3 MQ) and $5. for the milk= $11.00 --- Which means everything else you see here was FREE!! Actually 1 pop was free too since I made 2 ecb!!
This makes me SMILE!!!
I used 24.xx ecb and got back 26.xx in ecb! I should have gotten back another 1.58 for the grass. It didn't print, but I won't complain!!
Anyway I wanted to post this in case anyone else gets the $20. / $100. Don't throw it away it is possible to make a good deal out of it!!

MoneySavingMom talks about most of these deals here. Don't forget about the monthly monitor deal buy 1 at $9.99 get 9.99 ecb


Megan said...

great job!!! I got a $15/$75 so hopefully I can come up with a good plan for this coming week.

Danielle said...

Love it!!! You ROCK!!!

Sherry said...


I got a $15/$75 at check out yesterday, so we'll see what I can do. ;)

Sarah said...

You got guts girl... I had one that was $15 off $75 (I think), and I was afraid to use it!

Maybe next week will be a GREAT sale with lots of coupon match-ups! hmmm...


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