Monday, April 6, 2009

Potty Training - DONE

Here's my sweetie Pie! We started potty training exactly 1 week ago. I'm excited and proud to announce that it's done. He's potty trained totally! I can't hardly believe it went that quick and easy! He's been dry for 4-5 mornings and he is even going to the potty without me even knowing it! Great Job Shadrach!!

I chose this picture because we also moved him upstairs to his own big boy bed! He loves it although he still needs to learn the art of just going to sleep. He's like his sister... likes to go to bed late and sleep in! So with 2 other boys in his room, he likes to hang out with them instead of sleeping!
Well I'm off to start some more spring cleaning... Stay tuned for that...


Mominin said...

Way to go Shadrach!!! said...

Great work! That is a HUGE milestone!

We have the same Bob sheet. And the same problem; two little boys who would go to bed at midnight and sleep until 9 if I let them. Bedtime is a trial here.


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