Tuesday, May 5, 2009

30 Day Challenge ... Check in

Could it be Tuesday again????
Well I've been able to get my workout in everyday! I skipped Sunday of course but all the other days I was able to do some kind of workout. I would have to admit that a couple of the days I only got my sit ups in, but that's the area I need the most work!
Yesterday we tromped through the woods for 2 hours mushroom hunting, so I'd say I got a little extra workout in then! More on that later!
So check in! Did you get your workout in this week.


Susan said...

oooh....mushroom hunting....what a fun way to get out and walk and get moving. Hope you found a few.

Melissa said...

30 DAY CHALLENGE CHECK-IN... was not able to walk every day, had trouble with "remembering" to drink 8-10 glasses of water BUT did lose 4.4 pounds. That .4 is so very close to 1/2 you know! :)

As for mushroom hunting, Christopher is the expert. He found some turkey hunting down South but has not really had much luck around home. They are delicious though!


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