Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning -- Outdoor area

This week at Beautiful2God we're cleaning our outdoor area.
Mine was crazy messy.
I got a head start and cleaned a little on Saturday.
Hey, I'm not failing another week!
These pics are of course before I cleaned! I will post after pics later in the week.

We had stuff setting everywhere from winter and of course the kids have to drag tons of toys up to this area! There are lots of leaves blown up against the house (they're hard to see in these pics, but they're there!). I feel confident I'll get this area DONE!!
This is our last week of Spring Cleaning, but it's not to late to join in.
Go here to get your assignment and to link up!
No Cleaning today tho...
We're off to Mushroom hunt this afternoon! We hope to find lots. I'll post pics tomorrow on what we find.
Anyone had much luck with mushroom hunting this year???

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Mominin said...

I'm planning on having lots of luck at mushroom hunting today!! Or, at least get some great pictures of a lot of good looking kids.


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