Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Afternoon of FUN!!

Mushroom Hunting!
Here is my oldest boy (Chi 10) and oldest girl (Halee 8)
With Chi's only mushroom find. (I'll add that he found 1 more than me!!)
It's really hard to see. I put a box around it!
Here are the troops!
I think 3 grandchildren are missing from this picture. I was shocked that my almost 3 yr. old walked the entire time. Up hills and down, only asking to be held 1 time. I just did some distracting and away he went again running ahead!
They had a great time together, only problem was I don't think they bothered looking for mushrooms. They did however manage to step on a few!
So this is what we found, no we're not hiding any, this was it! I love mushrooms, only problem was when you split these between 7 adults and a bunch of kids you get ONE bite! But man was it a GREAT bite! I made it last as long as possible!
So do you love fried fresh mushrooms? Do you hunt for them?


Mominin said...

Great pictures! That one taste was good, wasn't it?

Megan said...

Yum, we love morel mushrooms! Hubby is going hunting tonight.


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