Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Kiddos!!

Each year we've lived at this house,
I've taken a picture
of my kiddos in May when my bush is blooming!



Today 2009
My Babies are getting sooo BIG!!!


Genesa said...

They sure are getting big! Good picture of them!

Mindy Wilson said...

How cute!

Mominin said...

Great pictures! Chi doesn't change too much...but the other three definitely do! Of course, Chi will probably majorly change here in the next few years...let's not think about that! They grow up too fast.

Elizabeth said...

Nice pics, and that is a nice idea. I have two big rhododendron bushes too, and I love them! This time of year I could just sit out between my two bushes and soak it all in!

Anonymous said...

What cuties you have! Sometimes I just wish I could squeeze mine so they will stop growing so fast!!!!

The Brew Crew said...

They do that, don't they? :) Your kids are so beautiful & I know you are enjoying every precious minute with them. Thanks for sharing pics of how they've grown.


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