Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekly Groceries...

I had a much better week for groceries than last week!
And if you add in my Walgreens trip
I felt it was a pretty decent week.
This Picture cost me $44.97
At Meijer I spent $23.46 for 29 items
and at Kroger I spent $21.51 for 20 items
At Walgreens I spent $2.30 (in another pic here)
for 13 items or .18 cents per item
And at CVS I spent $1.98 for 2 more gallons of milk
Altogether I spent $49.25 of my $55. Budget
for 64 items or .77 cents per item.
That gives me right around $6. to buy some meat at my local butcher.
I'm low on chicken so I will probably buy 3# of chicken at $1.99/lb and
that will be enough for 3 future meals!
Did you have a good week??
I love questions so if you have one don't be afraid to ask
or think you're bothering me...You're not!!
Just ask!!!


Tracey said...

Lots of items for a great price!

Megan said...

Great job! You always amaze me!


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