Friday, June 5, 2009

Loving Our Husbands...

"Loving my Husband Friday"
with Shannon at The Peer Review!
To see the first 30 ways to Love your husband go here
31. Initiate going out on romantic outings (when he’s not tired).
32. Email him when he’s at work, telling him how much you love him.
33. Surprise him with a fun gift of some kind that he’d really enjoy.
For more ways to Love your Husband
here and link up!


Elizabeth said...

Ah yes, the romantic outing....I miss those. It is getting harder to initiate such things, as I am lacking someone to watch all 7 of my children. My in laws watch them when I NEED them for things like having to take my dad to cancer treatments, so I don't feel like I can use them for something like that. Pray for us, that we cna find a way to get back to times out alone!! Love your list! Thanks Megan!

Anonymous said...

My hubby is so easy to please - as long as I bring him home a treat from the grocery store he is happy - such a big kid at heart still - that is what I love about him!

Mominin said...

More great tips, Megan. Thanks for linking up! Prayed for your marriage.


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