Monday, June 8, 2009

CVS Hidden Pampers Deal

CVS has a hidden Pampers Deal going on 6/7- 6/13.
Pampers are on sale for $8.99 and get 5 ecb back on each pack. Use a $1. or $1.50 MQ and Get them for as low as $2.50/ pack!
The ad doesn't talk about a limit. And since the ecb aren't printing on their own you should be able to go back and do this again!
Since it's unadvertised in their flyer and the ecb arn't printing be sure to print this paper at home and take it with you for proof of the deal!
thanks Saving our Cents! and Brooke (my sister)!
Edit-- it looks like they changed the printout
and are no longer giving the ecb.
Guess that one went quick...


Elizabeth said...

Megan, You're going to have to help me out here, what is ecb, and what is MQ? I just bought CVS brand diapers for 9.99 for a 52 count pack! :-( Little did I know when I was there.

Megan said...

Okay ecb is like money you can use at CVS.

When you buy certain products you receive ecb after you check out.

next time you go you can use the ecb like cash. only a few exceptions like stamps, scripts, and maybe a couple other things.

MQ just stands for manufacturer coupon.

So for instance if you go back to CVS and buy the pampers diapers that are on sale for 8.99 after you pay for them you should get a 5ecb. (now as i noted these are not printing so simply show them the printout I have listed and they should make them print) If you have a manufacturer coupon you can use that to lower your cost even more.

Next time you go buy another pack for 8.99 and give them the 5 ecb your total will now be only 3.99 and you should get another 5ecb.

if you don't need more diapers you can buy milk, whatever else, or keep it until next week.

hope that makes more sense. on my right sidebar there is a heading that says "how to CVS" that will explain it a little more!

feel free to ask more questions!

Megan said...

Sorry Elizabeth, I just learned that they changed the printout and are no longer giving the ecb.

not so great of a deal...

Tina said...

Boy were the CVS employees perplexed when I showed them the printout and asked for my $15 ECB (I bought 3 pks)! They did it though and said "wow that's like $3.99/pk?!" I just grinned and said actually it was $2.99/pk because I had $1 MQ!! Got to love a great deal! I plan roll-over my ECB for more diapers later in the week when I can round up more MQ's.

Tins said...

Wow, I just read you last post...guess I was lucky this week!

Megan said...

Glad you could take advantage of the quick deal, Tina.

Don't ya love it when employees are so amazed at the deals we pull off!!


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