Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sundays Coupon Inserts

Only 1 lone Smartsource Insert
this week...

Go here to check out the complete preview.
Here's a few of my favorites
A-1 Steak Sauce -- $1./1
Cheerios - $1./2
Chex mix cereal - $1./2
Miracle Whip - $1./1
Oreo Cakesters - $1./1
Rold Gold Pretzels - $1./2


Anonymous said...

Meh. I'm underwhelmed. I may not even buy one paper this week.

Megan said...

Yea not real impressive, Better weeks ahead let's hope!!!

blueviolet said...

Hi. My blog is back online but at a new url and I'm following you from MBC!


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